Rustic Burlap Banner - Customized
Customized burlap banner for your wedding ceremony, pictures (engagement, wedding and "thank you's"), and reception. Include wedding dates, quotes, names, or anything else you wish. Each flap can be made in a triangle or flap form; size of letters and flaps will vary based on what you are envisioning. Banners can be designed in one long straight line or stacked (Example: One banner reads "Thank" and is positioned on the top; the second banner reads "You!" position right underneath. Banners are started and finished with a cream or white ribbon. To keep banners looking crisp and clean, we cut the burlap to your liking and then adhere it to a very thick cardstock to keep the banner crisp, clean and sturdy and also to make sure that the sunlight does not go right through, making it hard to read the lettering on the burlap. The paint lettering is then applied, so the paint is both on the paper and the burlap, making it very readable. The banner is then finished with an anti-fray glue that keeps the burlap in shape. Signage especially in the form of burlap banners can give any rustic-chic wedding just the special touch it needs! NOTE: Price will vary depending on the amount of banners needed and how many letters are included.