CARE INSTRUCTIONS- All our glassware (except the ciroc glasses) have been tested using a high temp commercial dish machine, and we've never seen an issue. The ciroc glasses may be dishwasher safe as well, but the beautiful color on them is not. For the ciroc, we recommend hand washing, to preserve the colors. WHOLESALE AVAILABILITY- I do produce enough glassware for nearly any setting. If you would like to use them in your bar, restaurant, or stock them on your shelves, i would be delighted to offer you wholesale pricing. Contact me for details. HOW SMOOTH IS THAT LIP, ANYWAYS? All glasses are individually checked for smoothness. You'll find no burrs, rough edges, jagged spots, or spots not touched during my process. The inspection includes a physical inspection as well as a visual. The glasses you get will be virtually identical to the pictures you see in the listings. SQUARE BOTTLES- Currently my method requires the bottles to be generally round, so this means no, I can't do square bottles. GLASS DUST- WARNING!! Glass dust is very bad for your health! All glasses are hand washed before shipping. To be safe, I do insist that you wash them before use, to dispose of any residue that may be left behind.

Payment Policy

We accept paypal

Shipping Policy

CARRIER- We ship using primarily usps priority mail. If you have a different preference, please contact us. CAN SHIPPING BE COMBINED? Yes! It is not our wish to try to increase my sales figures by charging too much for shipping. If you are placing an order, and the shipping seems high, please contact me before you finalize your order. I'll gladly review and make any corrections necessary to give you the best deal on shipping. We have had fairly good luck using some off brand carriers on occasion.

Refund & Exchange Policy

BREAKAGE DURING SHIPPING- Due to the careless nature of the shipping industry these days, some glasses may be damaged during shipping. If this happens, we will gladly send replacements, we simply ask that you take pictures of the broken glasses, and the packaging, and send them to us right away. That way we can file a claim with the shipper. Glasses will be shipped only after pictures have been reviewed. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE OR HANDLE BROKEN GLASS IN ANY WAY. After you have taken pictures, and contacted us, please carefully dispose of them. With the exception of breakage during shipping, Rdi does not accept returns or exchanges.

Other Policies

DISCLAIMER: RDI Upcycled Glass.LLC is not endorsed, sponsored, nor affiliated in any way by the manufacturers of the products in their original form.  Our products are all handmade by RDI. The raw materials we use come from collecting used, discarded empty bottles, then transforming and repurposing them into new products. 

Contact Information

If you have any questions, comments, concerns, OR, if you have custom work you would like to have done, We would love to hear from you! email to: Or Leave a message at: (319)575-0531 We'll get back to you ASAP

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