RDI Custom Upcycled Glassware

Smooth Safe Edges, Over 75 Sizes and Styles Available

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Cedar Falls, IA
Owned By
Mark Widmann
Store Details
When someone asked me "do you think these can be made into glasses?" I would never have guessed that it would go this far. Rdi Custom Upcycled Glassware began in a small, locally owned upscale martini bar. Struck by the beauty of the 1.75 liter Grey Goose Vodka Bottle, we began collecting them. One evening a large quantity of our larger rocks glasses were accidentally broken. With a crowded bar, this left us searching for anything we could serve cocktails in. Later, when things had quieted down, we were enjoying cocktails ourselves, when someone asked what we were collecting the Grey Goose bottles for. Then the inquiry was made: Can a liquor bottle be cut, smoothed, and transformed into a rocks glass. The idea was born. Not just an idea, a vision. A vision of a glass whose quality and character would rival commercial glassware, but made from discarded materials. One evening several weeks later, unsure of guest acceptance, the bar was served, and the glasses unveiled. first, bewilderment, then began the flood. It was a topic that brought all our clientelle together as the conversations repeated nightly. On that first night, nearly every guest asked if the glasses were for sale. We have yet to find a single person who doesn’t feel a connection to at least one of our glasses. It is that connection that is the fire that now drives Rdi.