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Wrentham, MA
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Charla Horan
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I am a former professional Interior Designer and Construction Manager. I left Corporate America in 2011 to be a stay at home Dog Mom. I love my life with my husband, Seth, our 2 adult children, Zach and Julia, and our 4 dogs, Rufus, Apollo, Digby, and Zeus (RADZ). Before leaving a busy professional life, I was very concerned that I would find myself looking for things to do. I soon found my days were so full that I could not complete all of the things I wanted to do in just 24 hours! I also realized that I was struggling to find a creative purpose. I did a little sewing, a little crocheting, an odd craft project here and there, but I had no real structure for my creative outlet. I thrive on structure, schedule and deadlines! I decided to solve all of my issues, both creative and scheduling by starting my online shop RADZCreations. I have turned our son’s old bedroom into my office and Dog Mom Studios. As I work in the space, it is rearranged and made suitable for the project I am tackling. It has an open door policy as the 4 legged staff members are free to check out what is on the schedule for the day, ask for attention, or take a nap on the sectional or in the dog apartment created by the Pet Crate Cover you can find here in the shop. I am inspired by the things and people in my life that make life easier and more beautiful to live. I am inspired by my Creator and to use the talents He has given me to make life easier and more beautiful to live for others. I hope you enjoy the things you see here at RADZCreations. Please know that everything here is made with you in mind to bring glory to God living in His beautiful world.
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