Snowman Yard Art
This handmade yard art decoration is a life sized piece of handmade ART you can display to impress your neighbors. The Snowman with blue bird stands almost 5 feet tall from base to top of hat. He is painted, by me, with outdoor non toxic acrylic paint in vibrant color. Snowman is outfitted with hardware and U ring pieces found at home depot, should you need more reinforcement than what is provided. I use 1 & 1/2 inch or 1 &1/4inch PVC hard plastic U rings and either #6 or #8 screws. These will not penetrate the board but will keep the u rings tight so you can securely run PVC pipe up the length of his back. PVC pipe, dowels and rebar are NOT included in this listing. They are readily available at ANY hardware store. (as a side note - Furniture grade PVC is wonderful because you can paint it to help camouflage it against whatever background you have. It will appear then he does not have any support to keep him upright.) Please note, these are HAND PAINTED, HAND CUT, fun yard decorations. BUT, they are in fact wood ART! You will see my brush strokes & areas that are painted by hand. You may also see imperfections in the wood itself. They are not fabricated pieces! Please do not leave them exposed at length to heavy rains, snow, or place them where water may collect. I use 1/2 inch cabinet grade sanded plywood, but no amount of polyurethane can prevent them from wind and water damage. They should be brought into safe protected & covered areas if you expect high winds, rain or extreme weather of any kind.