.50 Ounce Rosehip Oil, Natural Face Serum, Hydration, Inflammation, Collagen Boost, Face Oil, Moisturizing Skincare, Skin Complexion, Sun Care
Rosehip oil - is a pressed seed oil that is extracted from the seeds of the Rosa rubiginosa, wild rose bush found in the southern Andes. A variant to the Rosa rubiginosa is the Rose canina, which is found in Europe, South Africa and many other regions around the world. Both are used for their botanical properties. Traditionally, rosehip oil has been used to moisturize skin, exfoliate and brighten skin, as well as help with inflammation, boost collagen, sooth sun kissed skin and many other uses. To use: massage 1-2 drops to the face in an upward motion after cleaning. Contains: rosehip oil, calendula infused sweet almond oil, essential oils: lemon, tangerine, marjoram, clary sage, ho wood, geranium, lavender. Warning: for external use only.