Rose Red and Snow White Illustration - Grimm's Fairytale Print
This print is from a series of paintings I did based on Grimm's fairytales. The tale of Rose Red and Snow White is a bit lengthy, but remains my favorite of the many 'people turning into bears' stories. I won't retell it here, though I recommend reading it. This particular scene features the sisters and their bear friend enjoying a merry dance in the woods. Rose Red is playing the fiddle while Snow White and the bear dance merrily. They have spent the afternoon gathering daisies to weave into chains- Snow White wears one as a bracelet, the bear has a garland and one more chain is hanging from a tree. This 8x10 borderless inkjet print is ready to put into any frame or mat. Colors are quite true to what you see on your screen. It will come to you with a stiff backing, in a cellophane sleeve to avoid damage.