Dreaming - Girl Dreaming with Book Illustration - 8x10 Print
The rooster crows as the first rays of light enter her room. The last vestiges of her dream remain in her mind, but as each minute passes they quietly fall away. Something about toadstools? She thinks there was a giant rabbit involved but she can't completely recall. She lays with her eyes closed, savoring the last few moments of slumber. This print features a girl who has fallen asleep while reading. Her dreams have taken shape and she is surrounded by toadstools and a curious rabbit. I painted this for my most recent gallery show, Spatium Invisius: The Invisible Spaces. The pieces were all inspired by the invisible world between waking and dreaming. This 8x10 borderless inkjet print is ready to put into any frame or mat. Colors are quite true to what you see on your screen. It will come to you with a stiff backing, in a cellophane sleeve to avoid damage.