Rabbit's Bride Illustration - Grimm's Fairytale Print
This print is from a series of paintings I did based on Grimm's fairytales. This particular story is one of my favorites, if only because it seems like an awful, nonsensical dream. A girl is outside, tending to her mother's cabbages. She spies a rabbit nibbling at a plant, and tells him to shoo. He responds with a marriage proposal, and suggests she hop on his tail and come away with him. After many rebuffs, and many returns to the garden, she finally acquiesces (though the story never indicates why.) The girl hops on the rabbits tail, goes with him to his burrow and prepares for the wedding, and all the while the rabbit behaves like a complete brute. Eventually, fed up, she makes a straw dummy of herself and escapes. The rabbit attempts to wed the dummy, and its head falls off. The story ends with the rabbit mourning his dead bride. What did I tell you? The story makes no sense, and has no moral except to not ever listen to rabbits. This 8x10 borderless inkjet print is ready to put into any frame or mat. Colors are quite true to what you see on your screen. It will come to you with a stiff backing, in a cellophane sleeve to avoid damage.