The Somnambulist - Sleepwalker Illustration - 11x14 Print
The early morning air hangs heavy in the forest. Nocturnal animals still skitter beneath the ferns, but the stillness of dawn is setting in. What dream is she having, that pulls her into the dark and quiet woods? She won't remember when she awakes. Regina's parents haven't noticed her bed is empty, yet. When she soundlessly set her feet on the floor, drifting down the hall and out the door, they didn't even stir. The only traces they'll find of their daughter is the trail of toadstools that somehow sprouted in her wake. This print features a sleepwalking girl, followed by a trail of mushrooms. I painted this for my most recent gallery show, Spatium Invisius: The Invisible Spaces. The pieces were all inspired by the invisible world between waking and dreaming. This 11x14 borderless inkjet print is ready to put into any frame or mat. Colors are quite true to what you see on your screen. It will come to you with a stiff backing, in a cellophane sleeve to avoid damage.