American Girl Doll Rag Quilt with Matching Pillows Handmade, Yellow, White, and Blue
Introducing "Daisy Daydream" for the person that shines a light in your life. :) This is a custom-designed, reversible, rag quilt bedding set, with a matching satin pillow, and hand-sewn, heart-shaped accent pillow for your favorite doll. The fabrics are: Vintage Cotton, Minky Luxe (a very lush and expensive fabric), and Flannel. There are 75 squares of 5" fabric --- this includes your traditional 3 layers. The entire set is so plush and soft, and the pillows are also silky and shiny! This set is photographed with an 18" American Girl Doll, but would fit most dolls. Each of the 75 squares is specifically chosen, then cut by hand, then sewn ... first by square, then row by row... and then the rag quilt is created by cutting all of the fringe strips. I do not just buy already cut fabric squares. I specifically design each creation. In fact, this is why they all have names... because they take on a life all their own. There is a set for every doll, child, doll collector, or enthusiastic parent or grandparent out there. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed pouring my heart into them. Your set will come in a gift box, wrapped in tissue paper, with a satin bow around it. It has been washed to begin the ragging process. It does NOT include the doll or the bed.