Black Pipe Table Base "DIY" Parts Kit, PUB, BAR - 1" Black Pipe, 22" Wide Base x 40" Tall, Perfect for Bars, Restaurants, Coffee Shops
Black Pipe Table Frame "DIY" Parts Kit, PUB, BAR - 1" Black Pipe, base is 22" Wide Available Heights - 20", 22", 24", 26", 28", 30", 32", 34", 36", 38", 40", 42", 44" Easy Do-it-Yourself project. Simple and easy to follow assembly instructions provided at checkout. Money back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied! Add Your Own Table Top. The pedestal table base can hold over 300 pounds. If you like the pedestal style table frame but want something a little bit different let me know and I'll try and accommodate to your specifications. We have sold several frames to bars and restaurants looking for the authentic industrial look and we have had extremely good feedback for the durability of the design. If you don't see a size that fits your needs please click on the link below for several more options. We can make a custom size frame as well. Just shoot us an Etsy message and we'll see what we can come up with. Authentic Black Pipe (used in industrial construction projects) The Black Iron Pipe table base in raw iron pipe gives the coolest, most contemporary look to your tabletop. If you want a rustic and Industrial or Steampunk style in your home, then you should buy this table frame. The frame is delivered unassembled in 1" pipe and fittings is easy to screw together by hand or with a pipe wrench. Follow the trend and create your own personal table by selecting a well-designed Industrial Pipe frame for your DIY tabletop. With a set of Pipe table legs you are bringing one of the most popular and trendy details into your home and adding a modern and stylish look. Our iron table legs are stylish, elegant and suit all kinds of tabletops. We have developed our table frames with a focus on a stylish look and great functionality. The holes in the top of the table legs make it easy to mount on wood and the threaded pipes are adjustable for uneven floors. With the Pipe Design table legs/frame in iron pipe, you get a super flexible and extremely durable solution. The model is available in 3 different sizes, but is also offered in special sizes and can therefore be used for everything from dining tables, office tables, and coffee tables to high tables and computer tables. The table legs in the Pipe Design in raw iron gives a raw and industrial look.Please reference the Q & A section in my Etsy shop for instructions on cleaning and more details regarding the black pipe products sold in my store. It is recommended that all pipe and fittings be cleaned prior to assembling.