Hella Uses Oil-Raw & Organic- 2 Oz.
Apply externally to affected area to ease sore muscles, over worked hands, arthritis, rheumatism, inflammation, improve circulation, varicose veins, cellulite, nausea, indigestion, hemorrhoids, cramps, headaches, insomnia, skin irritations, eczema and acne. This oil is a muscle relaxant with a calming effect so it makes a great massage oil or addition to your bath! It is also a pain relieving antibacterial that speeds healing time of closed wounds, bruises, burns, sunburns and sprains. To ease insomnia or headaches with this oil add it to your bath or gently massage oil on your face and chest, especially temples and cheekbones, and apply all over your body. For indigestion, nausea or cramps apply liberally on your abdomen and chest. I originally created this oil for sore muscles and overworked hands. It worked great and since I'm an over worked person I started carrying it everywhere. Over time I used it for many ailments along the way that I knew the herbal ingredients could treat. This oil quickly became my medicine cabinet in a bottle and I never leave home without it! To be listed as a use on the bottle at least half the herbs in this blend had to be useful for that ailment, with most uses equaling 3/4's or more. Every herb treats sore muscles, stiff overworked hands and relieves pain and you will notice the most dramatic and fast acting results for those uses. RAW-Never heated to protect medicinal value of ingredients! This extra strength medicine cabinet in a bottle was made by fitting as much herbs in the jars of oil as possible and steeping it for seven weeks. Most users feel results within minutes! Customer Review: *Beautiful product. So versatile. Wonderful seller.* *Such a great oil to have. All your oils are wonderful. Amazing.* Organic Ingredients: Arnica, Lavender, Chamomile, White Willow, Wood Betony, Fennel, Cat’s Claw, Calendula, Kava, Prickly Ash Bark, Valerian, Feverfew, Black Cohosh, Sassafras, Green Tea Oil, Sunflower Oil, Jojoba Oil, Olive Oil, Vitamin E. Medicinal value of ingredients; Arnica: Reduces inflammation and pain from bruises, sprains, dislocations, swollen feet, speeds healing and kills germs. Enhances circulation, treats muscle pain, varicose veins, hemorrhoids and cellulite. Lavender: Stimulates circulation, calming, treats insomnia, indigestion, gas, varicose veins, headaches, hemorrhoids, heals burns and wounds, antiseptic, anti fungal, relieves pain and inflammation, muscle relaxant. Chamomile: Treats indigestion, nervousness, insomnia, depression, headaches, acne, skin irritations, varicose veins, eczema, hemorrhoids, muscle relaxant, pain reliever, antibacterial, reduces facial puffiness. White Willow: Anti inflammatory, pain reliever, anti rheumatic, relieves swelling, improves mobility in joints, treats cramps, speeds wound healing and improves scarring. Wood Betony: Promotes healing, relaxes muscles, calming, induces sleep, treats indigestion, headaches, bruises and hemorrhoids. Spearmint: Treats headache, nausea, indigestion, varicose veins, cellulite and hemorrhoids. Antifungal, pain reliever, nervine, antispasmodic, increases circulation. Fennel:Treats cramps, wrinkles, muscle spasms, painful joints, indigestion, and gas. Cat's Claw: Anti inflammatory, antioxidant, treats/prevents rheumatoid arthritis, anti aging, skin firming. Calendula: Treats skin irritations and inflammation, antibacterial, speeds healing, detoxifying, anti inflammatory, muscle relaxant, antiseptic, antifungal, antibacterial, treats varicose veins, acne, burns, sunburns, cramps and hemorrhoids. Kava: Tonic, reduces anxiety, induces sleep, relieves muscle tension and pain, treats rheumatism, treats headaches. Prickly Ash Bark: Improves circulation, antirheumatic, treats varicose veins and cold hands and feet from rheumatism. Valerian: Sedative, relaxant, relaxes muscles, antibacterial, heals wounds, treats headaches, indigestion, cramps, acne, and skin rashes. Feverfew: Pain reliever, anti rheumatic, treats arthritis, headaches, gas and bloating. Black Cohosh: Antirheumatic, sedative, pain reliever, anti microbial, improves circulation. Sassafras: Eases sore muscles, sprains, swelling, acne, rheumatism and gas. Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Full of antioxidants, Vitamin E and doesn't clog pores. Sunflower Oil: High in linoleic acid, Vitamins A,C,D and E, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, high in beta-carotene, emollient. Jojoba Oil: Most similar oil to human skin oil, fungicide, non comedogenic. Grapeseed oil: Repairs skin, high in Vitamins E and C, high in Omegas 6 and 9 and Beta-carotene, emollient. Vitamin E Oil: Essential element of skin cell regeneration and maintenance. Natural preservative to extend oils shelf life.