Wolf Art Print Watchful Eyes by Carla Kurt Signed wwao ebsq drawing painting
***** My artwork appears on artists’ colored pencil sets sold worldwide by the Derwent Pencil Company! ***** My artwork was featured on the set of AMC TV's show "Low Winter Sun" premiered in August 2013! _____________________________________________________________________ This is a signed Print, size 10.5"x12.5". It is printed on acid-free archival quality paper. Please see my profile for shipping/returns/refund information. This artwork is protected by copyright which does not transfer with sale. It cannot be copied or reproduced without the artist's permission. Which means, while you're buying a piece of art, you're not buying the right to reproduce it. * Watermark does not appear on actual print *I am a proud member of Worldwide Women Artists, an international collective of women artists showing and selling our work online. To see more original artwork by prominent women artists, search WWAO on Etsy.*