Wood Doormat, Monogram, Custom Distressed Finishes: EBONY FINISH shown - Free Shipping
These doormats are handmade, hand finished, and hand distressed. Each doormat goes through 6 stages to achieve the finish. A guests experience starts before they ever enter your home. Impress them before they knock on your door. Not only are they great for your front door, but they also make thoughtful gifts. What better way to welcome someone to the neighborhood than with a custom welcome mat. (Of course you'll have to meet them first and figure out their last name) :) These doormat are the standard doormat size. 30 inches x 18 inches (76.2 cm x 45.72 cm). To give a little perspective, the average front door is 36 inches wide. (Which is the width of the door shown). Each mat is sealed and waterproofed with a flat-finish hard wood wax. Each plank is drilled and strung with a 6-ply jute rope. (Which means it is very strong). We also water seal the rope separately before installing it to ensure that it will withstand any weather Mother Nature throws at your climate. As stated above, these mats go through many stages to achieve their look. They are not just simply stained and sealed. We take great care and pride in the custom finishes we offer. As much as we have perfected the finishes, there will always be variations that are out of our control. We happen to think that is the coolest part of finishing wood. While these are labeled "made to order" we have prepared many pre-finished mats in each color that are waiting for your initial and the final 2 stages of distressing and finishing. Turn around time is 5 days or less. Please let us know what letter you would like in the NOTES section at checkout. If you have a custom request or idea we would love to hear about it and discuss with you. Please message us to start that process.