Rustic Wood Beverage Tags - Double Sided
You won’t just be the host of a party, rather the host/hostess rockstar of the year! These script tags are the perfect way to identify the beverages that you’re serving for your event. Your guests will be immediately asking you where you got these amazing tags?? These tags come in a set of 7 (Water/Lemonade/Sweet/Not Sweet/Over 21/Regular/Decaf), each with 3 feet of jute rope so you have plenty of rope to tie it around your beverage containers.  Each tag measures approximately 4 inches long x 1-1/2 inches wide x 1/4 inch thick.  They are adorned with a metal grommet/eyelet on each side of the tag, it's the perfect polished finish. Because each tag is literally hand made and distressed, there is a slight variation to each tag. No two tags are alike, any two tags that look exactly the same are simply a coincidence and have nothing at all to do with our amazing skills or particular process that each piece goes through. Each tag is moisture resistant and ready for the party hosting animal inside of you. At this price you can’t help but grab a few extra to give away as gifts to your friends and fellow party throwers. Enjoy! We’re not just looking for customers but friends as well. We believe that creativity and community can inspire everyone. Show off pictures of how you’re using our products and tag us on Instagram. @partyoffiveshoppe. We can’t wait to see you in action.