White Sage Soy Candle - White Sage Candle Metaphysical Soy Candle - Metaphysical Candle - Travel Candle - White Sage
This listing is for 1 12 oz. White Sage Soy Candle! The scent white sage smells exactly like the herb. There are also pieces of White Sage throughout the candle!! I chose the color white and the white sage pieces for this candle because it is good for protection, purification, grounding, promotes positivity and peace! I use high quality, premium fragrance oils that are Phthalate free. There is 2.5 oz. of fragrance oil in my 10 oz. candles. The recommended amount of fragrance is 1 oz. per pound of wax. I have been told by customers that you are able to smell my candles without having to light them because of the amount of fragrance oil used. My candles are made with a 100% cotton wick for a clean burn, by releasing fewer toxins into the air. I use 100% soy wax that is produced from the soy bean plant. The soy bean plant is grown by farmers right here in the United States. The wax is biodegradable, GMO free and supports local farmers. All of these factors make my candles eco friendly. My candles will burn for 50 to 60 hours and are always made with love. I am always happy to accept custom orders, please message me with your requests. These are stock photos and therefore I am unable to guarantee the charm or beads. If you are looking for something specific please message me and I will be happy to put something together for you..