Carnelian Heart Hypoallergenic Necklace
This natural carnelian heart burns bright like the flame of a fire. A perfect gift for the girl whose heart yours burns for. The chain is made out of stainless steel which has many benefits including its ability to be hypoallergenic, wont tarnish like sterling silver does therefore requiring little to no care and wont leave weird green spots on your skin like alloy metals or plated materials will eventually do. Stainless being a tough and durable material makes it perfect for those who are a little rougher on jewelry than others. Carnelian, hosting a hardness of 7, can take a bit of abuse as well without showing it. Carnelian gets it's beautiful red color due to an impurity in the stone. It is known to exhibit a variety of colors, ranging from pale and bright oranges to deep rich reds. Carnelian in New Jersey has been found historically in the Watchung Mountains in many different striking colors ranging from a vibrant yellow to bright orange and deep red almost black. When held up to the light the deep red ones present magnificent banding. Sometimes the banding can be seen on the stones just by looking at them directly as they exhibit it in alternating orange and white patterns sometimes with a crystalline center.