Sterling Silver Amethyst Crystal Necklace
A natural Amethyst crystal point sits above the cut and faceted form combining traditional trends with todays modern "back to nature" vibe. Strung on a sterling silver snake chain. Sterling silver has been known throughout history as a precious metal and while it does ask a higher price than fashion or costume jewelry it's long lasting nature means it can last you a lifetime and can even be passed on to future generations as an heirloom. Plus, since sterling silver never goes out of style, no matter what the occasion or situation, you never have to worry about being fashionably "out of date." Simply put, the investment made in sterling silver jewelry is definitely worth it. Amethyst is the striking variety of quartz that forms various shades and hues of purplas well as the birthstone for February. An ideal stone for those who can be a little tough on jewelry due to it's natural hardness. One of the biggest factors when grading Amethyst is its color with a deep, saturated purple bringing higher prices. Amethyst can be found in the basalt and diabase of New Jersey. Stunning specimens can be found in local and private collections. The perfect gift for that February girl in your life. A unique, one-of-a-kind piece of work that will last a lifetime and a fantastic, loving way to show her that she is the same. +According to the American Gem Society website, Amethyst is believed to reduce insomnia, arthritis and circulatory issues as well as relieve pain. It is considered the Stone of Meditation, bringing peace, balance, courage and inner strength+ Stone: Amethyst - Natural crystal and faceted stone Chain: Sterling Silver