Green Serpentine Earrings
A pair of luscious green apple serpentine earrings with a simplistic wire frame. The name Serpentine comes from the color and sometimes naturally scaly looking appearance. Serpentine has been known to go under the names of false jade or new jade, misleading people to it's actual identity. While many species fall under the group of Serpentine, the more attractive varieties are considered precious and used for jewelry or stone carving. Most are opaque to translucent and this mineral does not form individual Crystals. Serpentine can be found in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and many other states throughout the USA as well as countries around the world. Areas where serpentine is found have a habit of forming "Serpentine barrens" which can be found as tracts of barren land suddenly in a forest and supporting only desert like plant life due to high acidity in the soils. Metaphysical: Believed to protect that which is most prized to you, help guard beliefs and morals from doubt and questioning, assist one in connecting with nature and promote good luck to achieve goals. Wire: Silver plated Hooks: Silver plated but Sterling silver option below Stone: Serpentine