Paul Michael Design

One Piece at a time in Pittsburgh.

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Arsenal, PA
Owned By
Paul Bierker
Store Details
Be Different... Shop Different... At Paul Michael Design, There is no right or wrong. We are purely client focused during the entire process of making jewelry. Our Focus on Aftcra will be to showcase our hand made Geeky Inspirations and some of our more interesting jewelry creations. In fact, some of our best clients have come to us as a last resort after being told their dreams cannot be realized. At PMD we work together to create great solutions and incredible jewelry. It's really that simple. "Jewelry" Shopping will never be the same for you after we meet... Our Artwork And Media Trademarks Paul Michael Design creates artwork inspired by popular media subject matter. All works are Copyright Paul Bierker 1994-2019. Any use of protected word marks are done purely in fair use scenarios such as Descriptive Fair Use, Nominative Fair Use, Parody Fair Use - for descriptive,comparative subject matter and/or to describe the inspiration for the item of artwork. Paul Michael Design in no way claims, represents or warrants ownership of any trademarks, wordmarks or copyright of said media properties. Paul Michael Design also reserves no rights to said property or trademarks. We create inspirational small run Jewelry Art Inspired by our passions.