At our shop we love custom orders, but require the appropriate time to get them finished to our standards! There are tons of pre made items that are available for sale and shipping immediately, but there will be a wait for anything that is special ordered. If you see something in our shop that you like, but would like it in different colors, themes, sizes, etc. just let us know! We would LOVE to create something unique for you.

Payment Policy

Payment is required before anything will be made/ordered. That means if you want something custom made you MUST purchase it before we will order anything that may be needed to complete your order. The time between questioning us about what you want and actually placing the order does not count as the custom order wait time. Currently we show shipping to the US only. We will ship to another country if you contact our shop and ask, we will just have to determine the shipping and create you a custom order through AFTCRA for you to purchase!

Shipping Policy

All pre-made items will be shipped in 1-2 business days. All custom orders will have a waiting period. Please feel free to contact our shop to find out what the wait time is. We will gladly let you know before you order. Again we pride ourselves on quality over quantity. We want to make sure that each and every person is happy with the product that they receive. We will take the time to make each and every order special and that is what makes our shop AMAZING!

Refund & Exchange Policy

We are willing to refund/exchange an item if there is an issue. We request that you contact our shop within 10 days of receiving your product. We may request pictures of the product and packaging if the issue may have been caused by the shipping provider. Normal wear and tear on a product is not considered a reason for an exchange. There must be a just cause and reason for the item to be refunded or exchanged.

Contact Information

Please feel free to e-mail our shop at

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