Rustic 30 Gallon Wood Trash Can
Handcrafted and Made to Order Rustic Kitchen Trash Can- Trash Bin- Garbage Can This is a Wooden Trash Can for the kitchen. It is handcrafted from New and Reclaimed Wood. This Trash Can holds the 30 Gallon Black Outdoor/Recycling Drawstring Trash Bags. Easy to use and great for blocking smells, this trash can is something that's built to last! We have a few colors to choose from with this style! The ones pictured are stained in Cherry and Ebony and both have Hinges and Handles that will give the user easy access! Lightweight lid and easy to lift, the trash bag can be changed quickly. The top edge is the perfect fit, and the trash bag fits snugly around to ensure that the bag will stay put. When the lid is closed, the trash bag can not be seen from the outside. Great for any home, this Trash Can will add a bit of Rustic Charm and become a great conversation piece!