Feminine Fertility Bracelet
This unique, Goddess inspired bracelet features Ruby in Zoisite beads, wooden beads, lava rock/stone beads, & a frog bead. It measures 7" around & is stretchy. The lava rocks in this bracelet make this great for diffuser jewelry. Place a few drops of your preferred essential oil on the lava beads & you will enjoy the scent of the diffused oil wherever you go for a couple of days then reapply. You also have the choice of a pre-applied essential oil drop (or not) for free! Frog symbolism: -Ancient connections (Egyptian Goddess Heket) -used in shamanism, divination, & magic -represents femininity, womans wisdom, fertility, & birth -encourages regeneration & transformation Ruby properties: -opens & activates the heart chakra -heals, balances, & protects emotions -promotes passion, sexuality, & divine love Zoisite properties: -connects with the Heart chakra & Earth element -stimulates fertility -encourages healing & growth -boosts vitality & creativity Lava Stone properties: -aka Lava rock -calming, stabilizing, grounding, & clearing -builds an earth connection.