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This is handmade wooden toy 1927 Ford 27 T Coupe. The body is constructed from solid pine wood. The wheels. exhaust and axle pins are made from birch hardwood. This wooden toy is built for play. It is designed and built to roll well on any flooring you may have. The polyurethane finish is the most durable finish I put on my toys. It is also the most difficult and time consuming so I don't make many of them The the wheels are hand finished with several coats of non toxic amber shellac. I apply shellac to the toy wheels until the wood refuses to soak up any more and a bit more for good measure. The finish on the wheels will last for a long time. Exhausts pipes are hand painted with two heavy coats of flat non toxic acrylic paint on birch hardwood dowels. The axle hubs are sanded and them painted with a white primer coat followed by metallic purple paint and then clear shellac. All are non toxic. I've put a lot of effort into making a quality wooden toy that performs well. The axles are sanded smooth and waxed and nylon washers are installed between the wheels and the body to act as both a spacer to keep the wheels from rubbing the body and as a bearing so the toy car rolls smoothly. These toy cars roll well enough after final assembly that I have to be very careful where I put them. The least little bump can send them rolling across the table and on the the floor. The axle pegs are glued are both glued and pinned into the body. Wood movement and rough play can sometimes cause the glue joints to fail. The extra step of adding pins in the axles helps prevent this from occurring. This is a well built toy that with reasonable care should last for many years. My toys are also used as home and office decor. I have the a 32 Deuce Coupe and other toys in my office at work and a 27 T Coupe on my desk at home. One of my wooden toy cars a 32 Sedan was used as a cake decoration. It topped a a baby shower cake. I made it a set of these for my grandson a 2 years ago and they are still going strong. Dimensions: Length: 6 inches Height: 3 inches Width: 2.5 Inches Weight: 14 ounces Weights and measurements are approximate. Wood expands and contracts with humidity.