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Modeled after the famous 1932 Ford Sedan a favorite of hot roders. Henry Ford's flathead V8 was introduced in the 32 Sedan It was the largest commercially available V8 to the masses. Offered as an option to an improved 4-cylinder Model "B" engine in a low priced car, this compact V8 power plant, with its downdraft carburettor, enabled 1932 Ford to outperform all other popular competitors and was conceived as years ahead of its time. The Ford flathead V8 is still heralded today as one of the first pioneers in 'hot rod' engines. This body style is so popular with hot rod and street rod builders that the bodies are reproduced in fiberglass and steel today. If you have a hot rod fan in your life that you are looking for a gift for this may be exactly what you are looking for. The body finish is hand brushed non toxic amber shellac. The wheels are hand brushed shellac. Shellac is a safe nontoxic durable finish that has been approved by the FDA for use in foods. The axle hubs are hand painted with non toxic metallic acrylic craft paint and top coated with clear/blonde shellac. I make every effort to make sure the toys I make perform well. The axles are sanded smooth and waxed and nylon washers are between the wheels and the body to insure the toy rolls smoothly. My grandson has many similar toys that he plays with on a regular basis. He is my quality assurance inspector and receives at least one of every toy I make. These hold up very well to his testing. This toy is quite large but it isn't heavy. It's very easy to carry around. Length: 6 inches Height: 3 inches Width: 2.5 Inches This make great birthday or Christmas gifts. They are suitable gifts for girls and boys alike. They also make excellent home or office decorations. My doctor has wooden toys in his examining room. You can easily get him off topic by asking about the wooden air plane. My cars have been used for cake toppers. Gift, Birthday Gift, Christmas Gift, Gift Ideas, Hand Crafted, Handmade, Holiday Gift, Hot Rod, Kids Gift, Natural Toys, Hot Rod, Toy Car, Toy Cars, Toy Hot Rod, Toy Hot Rod Car, Toys, Wooden Auto, Wooden Automobiles, Wooden Cars, Wooden Hot Rod, Wooden Toy Hot Rod, Wooden Toys