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These handcrafted wooden toys make great gifts for all occasions and all ages and decorations for home and office. While it isn't the perfect size for a Christmas stocking stuffer it will fit in larger stockings. Recommended Uses - Gift for Boys - Gift for Girls - Gift for Him - Office Decoration/Fidget Toy - Home Decoration - Christmas Gift - Stocking Stuffer? - Birthday Gift At 6 inches in length it is not a small toy. Large wheels will let it roll well on most any surface even carpet where toys with small wheels may not roll at all I make every effort to make sure the toys I make perform well. The axles are sanded smooth and waxed and nylon washers are installed between the wheels and the body to insure the toy truck rolls smoothly. The washers act as a bearing between the wheel and the side of the car. They also prevent the wheels wheels from rubbing against the side of the toy and damageing the finish. Not only is this wooden toy 27 T Coupe an excellent toy but it makes a very nice decoration for home or office. I have the a 32 Deuce Coupe in my office at my day job. I made it a set of these for my grandson 2 years ago and they are still going strong. Approximate Dimensions: Length: 6 inches Height: 3 inches Width: 2.5 Inches Because this is a handmade product sizes can vary slightly. Hot Rod, Birthday Gift, Toys, Toy, Christmas Gift, Gift, Gift Ideas, Handcrafted, Handmade, Holiday Gift, Stocking Stuffer Made In USA, Hot Rod Freaky Ford, Toy Car, Toy Cars, Toy Wood Cars, Wooden Auto, Wooden Automobiles, Wooden Car, Wooden Cars, Wooden Toy Cars, Wooden Toys, Wood Toy Car, Wood Toy Cars, Wood Toys