18-Wheeler Semi Truck w/Trailer Garden Tile Art
Tile Art is the perfect gift for a family member, friend, co-worker, neighbor, favorite barista, mailman and more for any holiday or special occasion… or just because. Tile Art can be whimsical, sassy, motivating, inspiring, heartwarming and comforting. It can shout from the rooftop or in a whisper, only loud enough to be heard in the listener's heart. The nifty thing about Tile Art is that it doesn’t have a defined ‘place’. It can be displayed on a side table, mantle, kitchen counter top, night stand, dresser; any flat surface. It can be hung and displayed on a wall: entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, laundry room, family room, kid’s room and even in the garage. Tile Art can often be displayed outdoors; next to a favorite flowering shrub in the garden, under a tree planted in memory of a loved one or next to the front or back door. It can also be incorporated in home building or renovation projects in the kitchen, bath or anywhere ceramic tile will be used and it can also be used in small woodworking projects such as a sublimation insert on a jewelry box. Pay tribute to the King of the Road. Without the hard work and sacrifices these men and women make, grocery shelves would be empty, clothing racks would be bare and lines at the gas station would extend for miles. A thoughtful gift that will be treasured not only in the moment, but for years to come. ** Can be personalized ** Add 'Note from Buyer' with text you wish added. Font style and size may vary from shown. Porcelain tile is a luxuriant blend of Calacatta and Breccia marble suitable for indoors or outdoors. Polished finish. Measures 6" x 12". Easel and wall hanger, if shown, are for display purposes only and not included. Both can be purchased at a hobby store or online at Amazon. Disclaimer: This item is not a licensed product. I do not sell or claim ownership over the character clip art or graphics. Clip art or characters belong to their respective copyright owners. You are paying for my time spent designing this item. All copyrighted and trademarked characters and marks belong to their respective copyright and trademark holders.