ODOREZE Natural Portable Toilet Deodorizer & Cleaner: 32 oz. Concentrate Makes 128 Gallons
ODOREZE Natural Portable Toilet Deodorizer & Cleaner: 32 oz. Concentrate Makes 128 Gallons Summary Get rid of porta toilet odor using the power of nature. Odoreze™ Portable Toilet Odor Eliminator Spray will remove porta portie odor without harmful fragrances. This bio-based green concentrated deodorizer makes 64 gallons & really works! Portable bathroom odor doesn't stand a chance! Features & Benefits • Removes toilet smells instead of masking them • Bio-based deodorizer made from natural ingredients • No carcinogens, phosphates or harmful chemicals • Biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly & effective • Economical- only costs 45 cents/working gallon • Made in USA Eliminate Nasty Portable & Regular Toilet Odors Naturally Portable toilets are highly-convenient and applicable to a wide variety of situations, from block parties to festivals to weddings to construction sites and beyond. Yet the odors emanating from these toilets make them less and less appealing the longer they remain on site. High traffic commercial restrooms can also present a severe odor challenge from urine spills and splashes around urinals plus messy toilet stalls. Weather you have portable toilets, commercial restrooms, residential commodes or composting toilets, you can eliminate those stinky toilet odors for good with Odoreze™ Natural Toilet Deodorizer & Cleaner. Our incredible product destroys urine, fecal, and bacterial toilet odors naturally instead of covering them up with assorted fragrances that just make the problem worse. Odoreze™ is Much More than Just a Toilet Deodorizer You may use Odoreze™ in any of the following multifaceted applications: • Dilute 2-4 teaspoons Odoreze™ concentrate/gallon water to create a highly effective working solution and spray in air, toilet, urinal, and on hard surfaces in a sweeping motion to provide deodorization. Re-apply the product as often as necessary to eliminate restroom odors. • Add 1-2 teaspoons directly to the toilet bowl before you use the commode to prevent malodor during and after use. • Add a few drops to your toilet bowl periodically to deodorize & clean • Add a few drops to your toilet bowl periodically and flush or add to the drain and rinse with water to deodorize septic tank odors. • Dilute 2-4 teaspoons Odoreze™ concentrate/gallon or just add a few teaspoons Odoreze™ to your regular cleaning detergent and mop or clean as usual to save a step. This way you will be able to automatically deodorize hard surface like urinals, sinks, restroom floors, tiles, counter-tops or sinks while cleaning. Odoreze™ also makes dissolving slime, grease, and waste deposits easy via state-of-the-art biotechnology! Extremely Cost Effective & Eco-Friendly Odoreze™ is very economical, as it costs a mere 45 cents per working gallon and is sure to save you money! This 100% all-natural deodorizer is made entirely from pure plant-based ingredients and is free of harsh, environmentally-destructive chemicals. It is water soluble, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe to use. Make toilet odors one less problem to deal with by purchasing Odoreze™ Portable Toilet Deodorizer & Cleaner today! Our product destroys powerful urine, solid waste, bacteria, and mold odors among other organic substances that make toilet smells so distinct...and so unpleasant.