SCENTOUT Hunting Scent Control Activated Charcoal Fabric:  16" x 16" Sheets – Trim-to-Fit
Summary ScentOut™ Reusable Hunting Activated Charcoal Scent Control Fabric is a must-have addition to every sportsman's gear. This flexible, non-woven fabric is impregnated with finely ground activated carbon that absorbs human, household, and animal scents at the molecular level. Features & Benefits • Reusable scent control for every hunting season • Non-staining, non-toxic activated charcoal fabric • Trim-to-Fit for ultimate convenience in the field • Reactivates in direct sunlight for long-lasting use • Molecular scent control stops odor at the source ScentOut™ Hunting Scent Control Activated Charcoal Fabric ScentOut™ Hunting Scent Control Activated Charcoal Fabric sheets belong in every hunter's go-to bag. Whether going after white tail deer, ducks, small game or lunker fish, you need to have rock-solid scent control. ScentOut™ sheets are a powerful tool for reliably controlling odors, whether you need to keep your scent from spooking game or to keep the smells of bait and tackle or soiled gear from permeating the inside of your vehicle or storage containers. Stop Any Scent in its Tracks Activated charcoal is the world's most powerful natural odor eradicator. The reason it does such a fantastic job of eliminating smells is due to a natural process that occurs at the molecular level. Activated charcoal bonds with odor molecules, rendering them completely inert so the smell no longer exists. ScentOut™ Scent Control Fabric sheets are impregnated with premium activated charcoal and uses this natural odor-absorbing process to keep odors under control. Trim-to-fit, Flexible & Ready to Use Generously sized, each 16"x16" ScentOut™ Scent Control Activated Charcoal Fabric sheet can be trimmed to fit every space from game pouches to tackle boxes to bags holding gear, gloves, boots, or clothing. Useful for controlling all types of odors in all kinds of smell situations, this powerful Scent Control Fabric can be popped into containers of clean or contaminated, stinky items to block odors from getting in—or out. Reusable & Reactivated ScentOut™ Hunting Scent Control Activated Charcoal Fabric sheets are reusable for long-lasting odor control. Reactivating the activated charcoal in each Fabric sheet is simple; just place the sheet in direct sunlight for a day.