SMELLRID Activated Carbon Stoma Odor Elimination Pads: 12 (4" x 4") Pads with Double Sided Tape/Pack. Stop Embarrassing Ostomy Smell Now!
Summary SmellRid™ Carbon Stoma Odor Eliminator Patches are the perfect solution for controlling unpleasant stoma and associated odors. The challenges in finding effective and discreet stoma odor care solutions are simplified with our all-natural stoma carbon patches. Features & Benefits • Eliminate ostomy odors with activated charcoal pads • Reliable, discrete, long-lasting control of odors • Convenient 12-pack — easy to use 4" x 4" pads with tape • Simply apply to ostomy bag using double sided tape • All-Natural ingredients — Chemical-free & safe SmellRid™ Activated Carbon Stoma Odor Elimination Pads SmellRid™ Activated Carbon Stoma Odor Elimination Pads are infused with a proprietary activated charcoal designed to eliminate offensive stoma odors. When applied directly to your ostomy bag or garments, each pad functions as a dry-surface deodorizer, absorbing and neutralizing smelly ostomy odors at the molecular level. Offering discrete, effective, and long-lasting elimination of stoma odors, SmellRid™ pads are a non-toxic, safe, and easy to use solution that can relieve the potential distress associated with embarrassing stoma odors. Confident Control of Stoma Odor Each SmellRid™ Activated Carbon Stoma Odor Elimination Pad is infused with activated charcoal, nature's most powerful odor-destroying agent. This all-natural ingredient absorbs odors at the molecular level, eliminating offensive stoma smells at their source. When added to your daily hygiene care, stoma deodorizing pads immediately provide the security of continual, reliable stoma odor control. Eliminating the threat of stoma odors allows the user to confidently enjoy their usual socializing, sports, and work activities. Easy-to-Use, Chemical-Free & All-Natural The affordable 12-pack of 4" x 4" SmellRid™ Activated Charcoal Stoma Odor Elimination Pads provides discrete long-lasting protection against stoma odors. Easy-to-use, each SmellRid™ pad is simply applied directly to the ostomy bag or garments using the provided double-sided tape (Caution: Do not apply the tape directly to your skin). The proprietary activated charcoal material of each pad is non-toxic, non-reactive, fragrance-free, chemical-free, and safe to use all day, every day.