ODOREZE Natural Yard & Concrete Odor Eliminator Spray: Makes 64 Gallons to Stop Waste Stench
ODOREZE Natural Yard & Concrete Odor Eliminator Spray: Makes 64 Gallons to Stop Waste Stench Summary Yard odor killer eliminates urine, fecal & crawl space smell using the power of nature. Odoreze™ Yard & Concrete Odor Eliminator Spray will remove yard smell without toxic yard chemicals. This bio-based concentrated yard deodorizer makes 64 gallons & really works! Yard odor doesn't stand a chance. Features & Benefits • Removes yard & crawl space smell instead of masking them • Bio-based deodorizer made from natural ingredients • No carcinogens, phosphates or harmful chemicals • Biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly & effective • Economical- only costs 45 cents/working gallon • Made in USA Yard Odors Are Now a Thing of the Past Pets are wonderful additions to any family, however, their waste can leave your backyard smelling less-than-pleasant. Such nasty odors in combination with those from pesticides, fertilizers or with the latest gas spill on your driveway makes any yard a foul-smelling nightmare. Rather than feeling embarrassed to have friends over or cancelling backyard shindigs because of foul yard odors, control outdoor smells with Odoreze™ Natural Yard & Concrete Odor Control Spray. Odoreze™ helps you maintain a freshly-scented yard using nature’s own wondrous processes so your backyard smells of flowers once again. Our special deodorizer blend is created from pure plant extracts to immediately attack and destroy a host of yard smells such as pet poop and urine odors in addition to other chemical smells from pesticides and fertilizers. It does more than mask foul malodors, it eliminates them completely by binding odor-causing molecules to inactivate them permanently. Thereafter, it promotes the growth of beneficial odor-fighting bacteria for long lasting effect. Use our amazing deodorizer by simply diluting 2-10 teaspoons Odoreze™ super concentrate with enough water (1-5 gallons) to spray every 1,000 square foot of yard surface. Repeat this application every few days until the odor is eliminated, and double the dose on tough smells. Odoreze™ is safe to use on grass, patios, fences, kennels, gravel, concrete, outdoor furniture plus around shrubs and plants. It’s an all-natural product that is a biodegradable, non-toxic, chemical free and made from the purest plant-based ingredients. Use the spray within 1 month for best results. Reclaim your backyard by getting rid of outdoor smells for good! Purchase our eco-friendly Odoreze™ Natural Yard & Concrete Odor Control Spray to enjoy everything your yard provides once again. Only costs about 45 cents/working gallon and it works!