ODORBAR Reusable Everlasting Odor Removal Soap: Stops Hands & Body Odor
ODORBAR Reusable Everlasting Odor Removal Soap: Stops Hands & Body Odor Summary OdorBar™ Everlasting Hand Odor Removal Soap removes hand smell & hand odor without harsh chemicals with. Hands odor just doesn't stand a chance! This eco-friendly hand odor remover really works & it lasts forever. This hand deodorizer soap is also safe, non-toxic & odorless. Features & Benefits • Removes onion, garlic, seafood, meat, smoke, gas, ect. odors • Removes hand odors instead of masking with fragrances • Never loses its odor eliminating power & lasts forever • Safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odorless • To use, just rinse hands under cold water with OdorBar™ • Made in USA Eliminate Hand Odors with Everlasting Eco-Friendly Hand Deodorizer It can be fun to cook but odors from onions, garlic, spices, seasonings, fish, seafood, poultry and other food can penetrate your hands and leave unpleasant lingering odors. In addition, odors from bait, fishing, hunting, smoke, paint, gas and chemicals can also leave your hands smelling. The amazing OdorBar™ Hand Odor Removal Soap was specially developed to eliminate strong unpleasant food and chemical hand odors without regular soap or scrubbing. OdorBar™ Hand Odor Remover Soap is made from a proprietary light weight stainless steel treated material that is designed to harmlessly remove food and chemical odors from your hands when used like a bar of soap under cool running water. The odors are drawn to the bar and rinsed away without soap or scrubbing. OdorBar™ Hand Smell Removal Soap will never lose its odor removing effectiveness or wear out and last for a lifetime! OdorBar™ Hand Smell Remover Soap is non-toxic, safe, reusable, recyclable, odorless, non-flammable, non-caustic and will reduce your carbon footprint.