SMELLEZE Urine Super Absorbent & Solidifier Pad: 10 feet x 18 inches
Summary SMELLEZE Urine Solidifier & Odor Remover disposable absorbent pads solidify & deodorize urine. Incontinence pads & medical pads are a great way to fight urine odor & accidents. Urine mat encapsulates several hundred times it's own weight in urine. Excellent fluid retention under pressure. Features & Benefits • Absorbs 2 lbs. urine/sq. ft.& removes urine odor • Quick acting, works within minutes • Easy to handle & dispose • Makes cleaning easier • Can be conveniently cut into smaller pieces • Made in USA Super Absorbent Mat Soldifies, Encapsulates & Deodorizes Urine Spills This state of the art super absorbent mat was specially designed to absorb several hundred times its own weight in urine. Each square foot of the mat has the ability to absorb over 2 pounds of urine. In addition to absorbing urine quickly, the Smelleze™ Urine Solidifier & Odor Remover Mat will also control odors, keep your environment looking clean, and reduce cleaning time. The Smelleze™ Urine Solidifier & Smell Remover Mat is made from non woven fabric and film and can be conveniently cut into smaller pieces if desired. It is ideal for controlling accidental urine spills and odors in homes, cars, hospitals, and nursing homes. This product can be effectively used for both people and pets. To use, simply roll the Smelleze™ Urine Solidifier & Odor Removal Mat out in the area to be protected. Any resulting urine will be quickly absorbed by the mat and converted into a solid gel. The absorbed urine will not leak even under significant pressure and the used Smelleze™ Urine Solidifier & Smell Removal Mat is easily disposed.