Kinhin [Walking Meditation]
Kinhin or kyōgyō 經行 Walking meditation. Literally, "to go straight". When doing kinhin in Sōtō zen style, walk clockwise around the room, holding your hand in shashu position. From the waist up, your posture should be the same as that in zazen. Take the first step with your right foot. Advance by taking only half step for each full breath (one exhalation and inhalation). (= Issoku-hanpo 一息半歩 ”walking half step with breathing in and out”. Walk slowly and smoothly as if you were standing in one place. Do not drag your feet or make noise. Walk straight ahead, and when turning, always turn to right. The word kinhin means to go straight. When you finish kinhin, stop and bow. Then walk at a normal pace around the room until you return to your seat. Kinhin is a mini collage [4"X4"X1.5” D] created for an Annual 30/30 challenge. A circle of transparent white paper has a gold foil circle beneath that shows through. The contemplative face is a hand cast gold color. Mini shells are used for embellishment. the background is a copper gold color. Works were created by 30+ Artists, creating 30 pieces in 30 days of the month of June. This is a mixed media/collage done on stretched canvas. It is lightweight and can be easily hung in a cubicle because of its small size.