Malas [Prayer Beads]
Beads are mainly used to count mantras, which can be recited for four different purposes: To appease, To increase, To overcome, or Tame by forceful means. The string common to all beads should consist of nine threads, which symbolize Buddha Vajradhara and the eight Bodhisattvas. The large bead at the end stands for the wisdom which cognises emptiness and the cylindrical bead surmounting it, emptiness itself, both symbolize having vanquished all opponents. Malas is a mini collage [4"X4"X1.5” D] created for an Annual 30/30 challenge. A circle of beads surround a silver paper with a hand cast calm face painted gold. the background is a bright magenta. Works were created by 30+ Artists, creating 30 pieces in 30 days of the month of June. This is a mixed media/collage done on stretched canvas. It is lightweight and can be easily hung in a cubicle because of its small size.