Cats often seem to be meditating [sitting Zazen] especially in a sunny spot. Shikantaza - Japanese translation of a Chinese term for Zazen introduced by Rujing, a monk of the Caodong school of Zen Buddhism. In Japan, it is associated with the Soto school. This mini collage [4"X4"X1.5” D] created for an Annual 30/30 challenge. A mandala of origami gold and darker gold patterned paper is the focal point surrounded by a gold plated metal chain. A bronze colored star featuring a face , a gold plated earring and a mini brown ceramic cat are the embellishments. Works were created by 30+ Artists, creating 30 pieces in 30 days of the month of June. This is a mixed media/collage done on stretched canvas. It is lightweight and can be easily hung in a cubicle because of its small size.