Combination birch log vase, candle holder and dispaly pedestal centerpiece
Brighten up your holiday tabletop with this cheery centerpiece. The set includes three of my birch log vases. These unique vases do double duty as beautiful display pedestals. Each vase comes with a platform sized to fit inside the vase. Use the platform to support your favorite candles, figurines, pictures, or just about anything you would like to “put up on a pedestal. Take the platforms out and you have charming birch log vases for your favorite dried flower arrangements (not suitable for wet applications). Note: Simulated iced branches and candles are not included. Note; For safety the platforms are for use inside the appropriate sized vase only. Do not attempt to use them outside the vase as they can easily tip over. Approximate dimensions: Heights 6”, 8” and 10” Diameter: 5”. These are also available for sale individually. See the birch vase section on the left side of the page for more details. All of our birch pieces are made of plaster cast in molds made from real birch logs. The mold picks up all of the detail and little irregularities of the original log. They are then hand painted to give them a look so realistic you'll notice that people will want to touch them to see if they are real.