Right Hand Two candle metal  tree sculpture  wall sconce for  votive and tea candles
This tree sculpture wall sconce is welded up from mild steel hammered to its final form and then given clear satin protective coating. When illuminated with a candle the candlelight creates soft reflections on the tree branches and interesting shadows on the wall behind it. Holds two votive or tea light candles. Color is a silvery gray with some darker gray highlights. This is a great accent piece all year round. Use it to add a little spookiness to your Halloween festivities with its ghostly bare branches. The candle platform accepts candles up to 1 ¾ inches in diameter. Mounting on the wall is accomplished with two nails. Approximate dimensions: 13” High, 8” Wide, 4” Deep. Candles and votive holders not included. Right hand denotes that the tree branch is to the right as you view the sconce.