Window frame wall sconce with metal tree sculpture and vase style glass votive holders
The metal tree sculpture set into this simple window frame gently curves behind the muntin bars and pokes through as if it wants to be on your side of the window. Great for use with tea light candles and votive candles. The frame is constructed of native white pine with bridal joint connections at the corners for strength. The muntin bars are welded up in steel and are left a natural color to give the effect of leaded glass panes. The tree branches are welded together and then given a hammered finish. The metal color is a silvery gray with some darker gray highlights. All metal parts are given a brushed finish and then protected with a clear satin finish. The pine frame comes with a clear satin finish but could be easily painted to match your house trim or coordinate with your room color. The metal parts can be easily removed to simplify the painting. Also includes three vase style glass votive holders. Approximate dimensions are 12” wide, 20 inches high and 3-1/2 inches deep. .