Natural Essence of Propolis - Perfect for health or perfume
Propolis Tincture - 3 10 milliliter bottles Perfect size for your coat pocket or purse. It smells like heaven. I made this tincture from propolis harvested from my beehives located in Troy Meadows, New Jersey. The propolis is dissolved in grain alcohol. Trees and other plants protect themselves from bacterial and fungal infection by secreting sap over fragile buds or in gashes into their bark. Honeybees collect this propolis material and coat their hives with it. That is how they keep their homes clean, healthy, and air-tight. This tincture may be taken internally and externally. I have used it to good effect on my cuts and on a severe sore throat. Others have reported good results on toenail fungus. Propolis is a powerful natural antibiotic, anti-viral, and anti-fungal medicine and it should be treated with respect. It is not food or drink. Do not take if allergic to bee stings as an allergic reaction may occur. Joseph T. Sarbak New Ark Apiaries Montclair, NJ. 07043