String Art - Last Name
I'll take a name or word and turn it into a unique one-of-a-kind item. These are great as gifts or a special something in your own home. The String Art Name Boards make fantastic highlights of any room. They are great for children bedrooms or playrooms. The String Art - Last Name item is probably one of the coolest house warming or newlywed gifts you can give. Please note that it's highly advised that these remain indoors. Due to the delicate wood and string, moisture from outdoors is not recommended and could damage the art. Each item is made to order and can be completely customized. Prices may differ depending on the customization. Each piece is made from unique recycled barn wood. Every piece of wood will look different, have a different color, texture and size. I do not stain these and they are left as their original color to provide a rustic but crafty look. The price breakdown for the Name Pieces is as follows: Setup Cost = $12.00 Each Letter = $15.00 *Not including shipping **Pricing may slightly depend for the Last Name pieces, as some may not want the "the" in the front. These smaller letters are not $15 each, but price will depend on the font and size. For example, if you would like a 5 letter name done, the cost would be $87.00, plus shipping. Font: Please provide the style of font you'd like to stick with, as in, block, or bubbly, or cursive. Depending on the name and the piece of wood I'm working with, I'll find the perfect font for the project. Color: If not cursive font, I can do each letter a different color, and stay within a color scheme, such as girly colors, pastel colors, or bold colors. If cursive, it is best for design purposes if the letters stay as all one color. Please do not forget to include the name or word in which you want on the board. Important notes: Since these are made to order, they can take a couple week to make. Please provide specific time constraints if applicable. Shipping cost will depend on size of wood/length of name, etc.