Montessori Red Rods - Montessori Sensorial Materials - Long Rods - Without Stand
Montessori Long Rods - Red Rods - Montessori Sensorial Materials - - Without Stand This is a set of 10 rods that demonstrates a single change in dimension, ie, the length. While the height and width remain constant at 2.5cm and the length varies from 10cm to 100cm. The rods are red in color (also called red rods). It helps to develop the visual discrimination of length, while height and width remain constant. Montessori Red Rods attracts the child to learn about different dimensions and lengths. 10 pieces of rods in a set in different lengths. Non-Toxic Color Soft Edges Water Proof Paint High-quality Paints used Perfect dimensions maintained Package Quantity: 10pcs / set Dimensions: 2.5x2.5x10cm - 2.5x2.5x100cm Age Group - Good for 3yrs to 6 yrs old kids Customization is available (Prices may vary accordingly). You may also pick it up from our workshop in Pearland TX (No Shipping Charges). We may also deliver it to you in HOUSTON TX (charges may apply).