Montessori Movable Alphabet - Lowercase OR Uppercase Letters - MA101
Montessori Movable Alphabet - Movable Alphabet, Lowercase OR Uppercase Letters - Early Childhood English Description: The great teaching method for teaching alphabets and English words. The Movable Alphabet is used by the children for the writing of words, as well as to get familiar with the letters and their sound for future exercises in composing words. All the Vowels are in Blue color and Consonants are in red color. The quantity of each Consonant - 5 The quantity of each Vowel - 10 Letter Dimensions: Example: "y" is around 1.5 inches wide, "t" is around 2 inches tall. Letters type: Lowercase/Uppercase Color: Vowels (Blue) Consonants (red) Material: Letters - Felt Material Box - Birch Plywood