MyGlo Apple Green Sunset Magic Easter Egg Layered Colors  Glow In The Dark
Hello everybody! This fantasticle Easter egg Starts with a nice light apple green top layer, ann orangish pink speckled with a bit of red sunset colors on the middle layer, and then back to that beautiful bright green. There is glitter spread out evenly through the whole egg, and the effect is really amazing as the pictures show. We bet you have never seen anything else that looks like my eggs! Of course as with all MyGlo items they glow in the dark baby! These are made from a very strong epoxy resin, nothing short of a hammer will break these. It's not a cheap poly resin either! MyGlow items clack like pool balls when hit together. As always we have used all non toxic materials, and I upcycled these molds to suit my vision. The best way to display your eggs is somewhere that gets a lot of light, but is free from a lot of light pollution in the dark. I recommend under a lamp, a windowsill that doesn’t have streetlight pouring in, or fish tanks. Black lights are awesome for any MyGlow item. Next best is fluorescent lighting, the new energy saver bulbs work great. These are made from a two part mold, top and bottom. I add my resin, glass that we recycle ourselves, then top off my resin if need be. I then unmold, file, sand the mold line from the egg, a nd file down the bottom to make it flat to sit on its own. I then use a fresh batch of resin to recoat the whole item to give it a great shine. The resin settles at the bottom leaving nice base for it to stand on its own. That was a pleasant surprise:D Thanks for the look! Tell your friends, your family, even your dog about the awsome stuff being made by MyGlow! Ps Around 2.5 inches tall or 6cm. 1.5 inches wide or 3.5 cm Glass suspended in epoxy resin.