We focus on the Pagan and Wiccan community, but our customers are not exclusively pagan. We carry a wide variety of goods (incense, candles, Celtic & fairy jewelry, etc.) that appeal to pagans & non-pagans alike. We even have customers in non-pagan churches that come to us for incense and other items because they have found our prices, product quality, and customer service to be better than those of companies that cater to their own particular faiths. Our goals are simple: To provide a wide variety of high-quality Pagan, Wiccan & "new age" products to our customers. From jewelry bath products to ritual supplies, we take pride in offering Homemade products to our customers. Our hope is to give our customers a one-stop-shop for all of their ritual & metaphysical needs as we grow our business.

Payment Policy

Paypal Only

Shipping Policy

Customers will pay to ship. Normally ships within 3 days or less. Shipping is through priority mail or first class mail. Estimated cost and delivery days depend on the customer's location. ALL SHIPPING WILL HAVE TRACKING!

Refund & Exchange Policy

Our product is NON-refundable due to low prices. Most of our products can NOT be exchanged. However, jewelry and breakable items will be exchangeable due to being damaged. if this occurs please email ( us a picture of the broken item then repackage to ship back to us. we will email you back with shipping instructions. For any exchange, we have to have the item back. ALL SHIPPING WILL HAVE TRACKING!

Contact Information

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