MotherOat ever changing wonder!!

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Fairfield, OH
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Amanda Johnson
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Hi ya! I'm Amanda!! did this begin? It's funny actually because MotherOat started out as a joke; my sister used to make fun of me for being uber crafty and always called me a hippy....who happened to be guessed it MotherOat! LOL! Since I thought this name was original and actually quite funny it stuck. I feel like given what I'm trying to accomplish with this brand that MotherOat was a really great title. I would love to produce a line of durable, function, and most important WASHABLE items that can be loved and enjoyed by all. I also want to make handmade items affordable to everyone as well. I will admit I have a weak spot for lovely, expensive materials, but those aren't always the most practical and most the time they aren't very durable either. Being the mother of five I know completely how heartbreaking it can be to spend all this time and money on this lovely one of a kind hand dyed finest alpaca, or beautiful high quality silk and have your child throw up, poop, spill, or completely tear apart the item. With these experiences I came up with my own idea to instead use products that are made for washes, real life wear, and the basic price points that can be enjoyed by everyone.