Hand-Painted Solar LED Rainbow Path Lights
***TO RECEIVE B4 BURNING MAN - PLEASE ORDER BY 8/1 AND CHOOSE PRIORITY SHIPPING!*** www.Mood-Lights.com I paint these to shine Rainbow StarBursts in your yard instead of plain white light. Solar Path Lights light up automatically at night time with free energy from the Sun! They like at least 4 hours of bright, direct Sunlight and fully charge in 8 hours. -1x Bright - 1.5 Lumens -400Mah AA Rechargeable battery -Lasts 8-10 hours per 8 hour charge -Plastic Lens (painted part) -Plastic housing, pole, & stake -Finish on the housing, pole, & stake may vary Hand-Painted Solar Powered LED Garden Stakes are my own ORIGINAL creation, and are made with the same high temperature, water based paint that I use on my Mood-Light Bulbs so that the paint will withstand any and all weather conditions. Available in every color of the Rainbow, especially Rainbow!!!!!! Mix & match them! Extra Lenses (the part that I paint are only $1 each or all 6 colors for $5) Please message me if you would like me to send you extra Lenses :) *I guarantee my paint will NEVER melt, burn, fade, peel, crack, bubble, smoke, smell, etc... EVER! It will NOT emit any sort of toxic fumes or offgas in any way.* **THESE ARE SEASONALLY AVAILABLE BETWEEN SPRING AND FALL. THEY OFTEN SELL OUT BY WINTER!** More styles on my website @: http://www.MOOD-LIGHTS.com Also on facebook @: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mood-Lights/125213146923