Lemon Essential Oil by Modern Gaia - 15 mL - Buy Any 3 Items, Get 1 Free
Lemon essential oil Botanical Name: Citrus limon Origin: South Africa Part Used: Fresh Peels Process: Steam Distillation Lemon peel oil has a reputation as being the citrus oil of choice for its fresh, clean, and uplifting scent – it is the liquid sunshine of essential oils. Plant Description: Native to Asia, specific area unknown, though Lemon is presumed to have originated in southern India and China and in northern Myanmar; lemon trees are cultivated in Italy, Greece, and much of the Mediterranean region, Cyprus, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina, India, Spain, Turkey, Iran, and Mexico. Expressed lemon oil is produced in California, Cyprus, Italy, Guinea, Brazil, Tunisia, Israel, Mexico, Jamaica, and South Africa. The lemon plant is a small evergreen tree that grows to a height of 20 feet with glossy green oval leaves, stiff thorns and very fragrant white and pink blossoms. Fruits are spherical to oblong and green in color, turning yellow upon ripening. Oil Description: Yellow, greenish-yellow, or pale yellow mobile liquid with a very light, fresh, zesty sweet aroma. Although citrus oils are prone to turning sour, careful storage will prolong the shelf life – in dark, tightly capped glass bottles stored in a dry, cool, dark place, with little or no air space above the surface of the oil (and preferably with an injection of nitrogen or other inert gas to replace the air). Historical/Traditional Uses: (More to come) Applications Lemons were known to the ancient Greeks and Romans by the 1st century as evidenced by mention of them in the book Naturalis Historia by Pliny the Elder. Their actual widespread use in Europe was reportedly due to the Crusaders return from the holy wars with lemons in hand. The 11th and 12th centuries saw the wide dispersal and use of lemons throughout the Arab world and the Mediterranean region, and in Genoa lemons were first seriously cultivated around 1100. The Spanish explorers brought lemon seeds with them as they came upon the Americas in 1493. A couple of centuries later, it was discovered that lemons in the diet of sailors at sea kept them free of scurvy. By the 18th and 19th centuries, the demand for lemons and other citrus fruits saw the birth of the citrus industry with groves in Florida and later California. A little known fact: lemons are a cross between sour oranges and citrons, according to a recent study on their genetic origins. Applications (Uses and Indications): In aromatherapy, Lemon peel oil is a mental decongestant, it prompts clarity of thought and a sense of well-being and purpose, and its clean, uplifting qualities act as an antidote to lift depression. Its antibacterial, antiviral and antiseptic properties make it ideal for use in cleaning surfaces such as cutting boards, counter tops and bathroom fixtures. Lemon oil is useful as a blood liquefier, causing pressure to ease on varicose veins, thus it can be supportive of those with high blood pressure. Though acidic before eaten, lemons support the digestive system, neutralize stomach acid, and reduce acidity in the body. In perfumery, Lemon is considered a top note and blends well with benzoin (Siam), cardamom, chamomile, other citrus oils, elemi, eucalyptus, fennel, frankincense, geranium, ginger, juniper, labdanum, lavender, neroli, oakmoss, rose, sandalwood, and ylang ylang. This product is Certified Organic and is sold in a 15mL or 30mL amber bottle. We are currently offering the option to Buy 3 essential oils and get 1 FREE! Buy any three bottles of our essential oils (mix and match any size/scent on any of our listings), and we will give you an equal sized bottle of your choice, absolutely FREE as a thank you for shopping with Modern Gaia. To request the oil of your choice, simply send us a message via our messaging system. If you do not make a valid choice at time of purchase, we will choose one for you. Free Essential Oil must be At or Below the AVERAGE PRICE of Combined Purchased Essential Oils. All our essential oils come in a dark amber glass bottle. In order to bring you the purest, highest quality oils, we only carry therapeutic grade oils, we do not carry cosmetic grade. We normally ship your order within 24 hours (by the next business day) of receiving payment. We take care in getting your order to you as soon as possible!