Woodburned Rune Necklace
I love working with natural materials, and use the products that my forest friends share with me, as often as I can. That's how these woodburned rune necklaces came to be. We had a very large limb fall from our Chinese Elm tree, back last summer. I've used part of this deadfall to create slices onto which I woodburned runic symbols. Then I had to create a way to attach the pendant to the leather cord. Not finding jump rings large enough, and not really liking the way they looked either, I hand-formed genuine Copper wire into a bail that includes spirals, and was hand hammered to increase hardness. All of this was then added to black genuine leather cord. Not wanting the necklace to be difficult to wear, I created a pull-type clasp using a black wooden bead. Easy on, easy off! Necklace length: fully adjustable from 0 to 23". The wood was sealed and polished using a mixture of beeswax and coconut oil. THESE ARE ONLY AVAILABLE IN SELECT RUNIC SYMBOLS. SEE LIST BELOW. CUSTOM ORDERS are available if you want a symbol other than what is currently available. Please simply contact me with your request. It may take as long as 1 week to complete and ship Custom Orders. AVAILABLE RUNIC SYMBOLS: (please make your selection at checkout) *Algiz - The Elk, protection, shield, ward off evil. *Laguz - Water, power of renewal, dreams, fantasies. *Fehu - wealth, abundance, luck, energy, foresight, fertility, creation. *Wunjo - joy, comfort, pleasure. *Dagaz - Dawn, breakthrough, awakening, embarking on an enterprise. *Berkana - birth, fertility, growth, new beginnings. * Uruz - A Wild Ox, physical strength, speed, untamed potential. *Sowilo - The Sun, success, goals realized, honor. *Ehwaz - Horse, transportation, change, harmony, teamwork, loyalty, trust. *Ansuz - Odin, insight, communication, inspiration, true vision. *I only have 1 of each symbol on hand. If you need more, please consider contacting me for a Custom Order. All come with a card describing the meaning of the Rune.